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Current & Past Cohort Members of August 2020
As a recent master’s graduate and CFA level II candidate, I consistently push myself to search for a means to utilize my skills and sharpen my market insights. Upon submitting my application to IvyLine Capital Group, I hoped that their program would satisfy this urge and I am grateful to say that this program does just that.
To describe the IM&D Program as school would not do justice, however, it is also not quite work. It is a Goldilocks middle that is just right for students, recent grads and early careers alike. You are immediately immersed in the realm of investment management upon day one. The program revolves around managing a portfolio using industry standard trading platforms which is the perfect medium to run this type of program. It is the dig in and get your hands dirty approach but of course there is much needed and openly available guidance along the way.
What strikes me the most impressed, no pun intended, about the IM&D program is the trust of the team; Isaac Eisenhauer, Kevin Zahn and others, has for the cohort members. You are as a candidate expected to work independently and devote time to your progress in the program.
Structured within the program are bite-sized lesson on the major topics of investment management and derivatives trading, quizzes, and worksheets, which serve as your classroom type work but becomes practical in your portfolio management. Of course, I will make some judgement errors or mistakes when executing the strategies and trades but there is always a resource provided to help me learn from those mistakes.
Best of all, the interactive environment keeps you on your toes. The competitions, dedicated to certain strategies, the online meetings, networking, guest speakers are truly exciting. This is the key differentiator from a college classroom that I enjoy. The “value-add” that a candidate achieves is crucial in this regard. You must take ownership of the tasks and be engaged to reap the real-world benefits because there are plenty to be had if you are on your game.
Only 2 months into the program I can’t wait to see what’s next and make more strides in this program and investment management industry. Python programming is on the way and I am stoked.

Ruben Bahena - MSF Grad of UT 
"Coming from more of an Economics background, and not having any formal Finance experience (through University), I thought I would be at a huge disadvantage when being accepted into the program. While it took me a little longer to go through lectures at first, the mentors in the program are readily available and are always ready to guide you; whether you want to meet every other week or every month.  
           One of the things that I have really enjoyed about the program is that it not only teaches you all the technical analysis needed when constructing a portfolio and managing investments, but also puts a huge emphasis on ‘qualitative’ reasoning. Crunching numbers and doing projections are all good, but being able to take a step back and assess companies based on our own observations and beliefs sets you apart from the other students that are trying to navigate the world of investment management. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to bridge finance theory to real-world practice.” 

Arhamul Amin, Class of 2020 - UPenn
I was a member of the Mentoring and Coaching Program through IvyLine Capital. This program enabled me to challenge my understanding of market analysis and push me to learn more about investments and derivatives. The program lead me to conduct in depth research through technical and fundamental analysis which lead to the construction of a beta weighted portfolio.
Throughout the remainder of the course, we closely monitored to performance of this portfolio and grew my understanding of options. We discussed simple and complex options, when they would be used, and how each option can grow the return on your portfolio or hedge away certain risks.
Each stage of the program is incredibly detailed orientated and focused on pushing the student to understand the topic being discussed. The most important aspect of the program is how hands on the student is asked to be. Each student must dedicate time to do the analysis, execute the trades, and prepare for the next session.
I believe the Mentoring and Coaching Program is extremely valuable for any young professional looking to enter the Finance industry or truly wants to grow their understanding of investments and derivatives. Isaac does a wonderful presenting the information and dedicated any amount of time to see each individual is successful.


Mackenzie Cooney - Claremont McKenna
IvyLine Capital Group opened a new door for what my college experience had to offer. As a Freshman, I found myself in an environment full of options and paths in the finance industry. The mentoring I received at this institution was not only an introduction to understanding financial instruments and how markets work, but a deeper dive into a program that encourages how to use them to your advantage. The program encourages you to stay on top of your learning, with lessons that require active learning and participation. Among the things I cherish the most from this experience is that it’s never-ending. The hard work you put into it pays off and it does not stay behind when you finish the course. I have now accepted an offer to join Citi in their NYC Sales & Trading division as a summer intern for 2021, and it was through the ability I gained here to think beyond the scope when analyzing the markets, that helped gain this position.

Agustín Cardano - FIU

I am incredibly thankful to be a participant in the Mentoring and Coaching Program at IvyLine Capital and my gratitude towards Isaac for his exceptional mentoring abilities could not be bound by words. I was always amazed by how wealth can be made through investments in the financial market and I have always dreamed of becoming the next "Warren Buffet". Whether or not I can be the next "Warren Buffet" is still a question I ask to myself every night but I have no doubt that Mentoring program at IvyLine will always be my first stepping stone towards my goals in life and I humbled to have found a mentor like Issac in my life. 

In the Mentoring and Coaching Program, I am participating in a weekly hour session with my mentor, Isaac, and gaining real-world experiential skills in Portfolio-Management, Equity Research, and Trading. But the mentorship is more than that. It gives me the opportunity to engage in conversations around different interesting topics from finance to international politics to religion, etc. Sharing these ideas are helping me to understand the financial markets in a fresh lens and are developing my critical thinking abilities. I am now slowly understanding how the market is reacting to a piece of particular news and what could be the future implications of such effects. I started the program with very little knowledge of the field but Issac has been patiently teaching me all the financial principles, concepts of investment management like- analyzing 10k files, reading the financial statements, portfolio analysis, trading, etc. right from the beginning. Isaac can understand someone's level of understanding and he can deliver the lessons in a way that is suitable. As a result, for someone who started the program with very little knowledge like myself, I never felt intimidated by the course load. In fact, I always look forward to the day of the week to meet with Issac. I enjoy this time more than I like my classes at college. Isaac is not only a mentor, he is a friend who always motivates me and is helping me to grow my passions in the financial field. 

I am also proud of the networking opportunities in the program. This program has given me the scopes to connect and become friends with other students and professionals across the United States. As a result of this, I have now built connections with other finance enthusiasts with whom I share various ideas, resources as well as learn from them. This has helped me to understand my position and identity the skills I am lacking in compared to others and that motivates me to fill up those gaps and build up my confidence for my career. This networking opportunity and trading competitions within the program are helping me to build a competitive-mindset and foster friendship and cooperation which is essential to be successful in my career. 

To sum up, I am having a great experience with the program, and joining it has become one of my best investments for my future and I feel humbled and honored to be a part of the IvyLine community. I highly recommend the program to any student who wants to develop their financial knowledge and gain real-life experiences with Investment Management. I wish the best for Isaac and I believe more students will join the amazing programs offered by IvyLine Capital.

Fatin Noor - Minerva
When I think about my experience with Ivyline Capital and my mentor Isaac, I can't help but realize how many doors it has opened for my professional career. I can truly say if it were not for this experience I do not think I would have been able to land an internship, speak confidently on high-level topics, and have built the network of individuals in the financial industry that I currently interact with. 

This program helped polish my understanding of the macroeconomic topics like economic indicators and how they impact markets but also the more micro subjects such as fundamentally analyzing companies, sector performances, and of course most importantly, the main focus of derivatives, options strategies, and the various trading tactics that can be incorporated in portfolios. Isaac is truly one of the best people to learn from as he simplifies complex topics and does a phenomenal job in condensing years of expertise and knowledge into a program that lays out information in the most consumable way possible for you to consistently ask questions and extract opinions from an expert. I can't think of another program or course with this unique structure that helps you advance substantially in comparison to other routes, regardless of your current level of knowledge.

Ultimately, this is one of the best programs you can pursue not only because of the technical aspects you can gain but also the support moving forward. Isaac still sends me updates on any guest speakers in the industry, he has constructed a network of Ivyline alumni to connect with each other and discover opportunities, and I of course still have access to all the material I covered throughout the program that will continue to benefit me for a lifetime. I will continue to recommend this program to everyone with an interest in learning and growing simply because the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself and Ivyline surely invests in your development by paying it forward. Thank you Isaac!

Sebastian Waseskuk - FIU
Though I have only been in the program for a few months, I have learned so much! My university cut its security analysis course, so I felt as if I was at a major disadvantage compared to students at other schools, which is why I applied for IvyLine’s program. This program has not only reinforced what I learned at my school in new ways, but it has also expanded upon topics that were glazed over or never taught at all. The material is clearly presented with both prerecorded and live lectures and offers relatable examples, which is great for visual learners like me. The investment challenges that I have participated in have helped me apply the concepts learned in lectures. The challenges use TDA’s thinkorswim platform, so it helps to see how the options strategies I apply affect my portfolio as the market changes. I highly recommend this program if you want to learn more about fundamental analysis, options, and portfolio/investment management.

Shane Mann - University of Wisconsin
"Participating in the IvyLine Capital Investment and Derivative Program has been an amazing opportunity. As a recent graduate with a finance degree, I was looking for a platform that would offer me the investment/trading knowledge that I wasn’t taught in my advanced finance classes. This program did just that and more. I was exposed to concepts that guided me in building a successful portfolio and provided me with the ability to analyze and understand the market. Being a cohort member has made me stand out among my peers and has increased my marketability when it comes to future job applications. Most importantly, it has also given me confidence in my ability to engage in conversations about the market and has motivated me to keep learning and growing throughout my career.
Along with the learning feature, another benefit of the program was the mentorship and networking opportunities. The mentors are extremely hands-on and will challenge you to push yourself in order to fully develop the skills needed to work in finance. In my personal experience, Isaac has become not only a teacher, but also a significant mentor in my career and my life. Guest speakers sessions also offer a great platform to hear from individuals already in the industry which allows you a glance at what constitutes the day-to-day life of finance professionals.

I highly recommend this program to individuals that are intellectually curious and want to develop their market knowledge. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious experience."

Amber Martinez - University of Florida
“The IvyLine Investment and Derivative Program helped me in a time when I was searching for valuable learning experience within capital markets on top of my schoolwork. Little did I know it would introduce me to a diverse and passionate group of individuals who work toward the same goals as me. Not only did Isaac, the founder of IvyLine Capital, teach me financial principles and concepts for investment management, he motivated me as a student and helped foster my passion for finance and economics. He is a true mentor.”
“Following my work within the mentorship program, the team offered me an internship to lead a unique group of students from USC, UPenn, and Harvard. I was able to learn how a hedge fund is managed closely, and more importantly what it takes to raise capital, expand a business, and lead a research heavy project. It was an opportunity that motivated me into other aspects of business and continued teach me. As the second term came I continued working for IvyLine and dove into more technical analysis of securities. This helped me when I began looking toward the following years applications and gave me a strong, diverse background that I am proud to share.”

Clayton Bennice - Bentley University
"The Investment & Derivatives Program is incredibly beneficial and I recommend everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. There is extreme depth to each topic covered, and materials are reinforced by real-world examples. There are opportunities to participate in challenges among members of the Program that add another layer of knowledge. My favorite part of the Program is the guest lecture series, where we are able to further explore new topics and see lecture material come to life. Without a doubt, the Investment & Derivatives Program not only expands your knowledge, but your network as well."

Ameen Iraqi - George Washington University
The Investment and Derivatives Program offered by IvyLine Capital is great for anyone looking to advance their knowledge in finance. I started this course in my first year after graduating college and I have learned a ton. It takes all of the information you’ve learned in college and explains it more in detail with real life examples. Overall this course is very informational and is extremely beneficial to take for anyone looking to go into the world of finance.

Matthew Swan - University of Delaware
The program at IvyLine Capital opened a lot of doors for me during my senior year recruiting. Not only did I gained the technical skills a lot of recruiters were looking for, I also was able to make great connections through the program’a network.

I was able to learn the fundamentals of company valuation through the most industry wide recognized method, discounted cash flows. This program gave me the first in depth insight to equity options analysis and trading. Thanks to IvyLine, I was able to fully discover the path I wanted to follow in my career.

It was an honor to be a part of this journey with a great mentor and leader Isaac.

Alper Alkaya - Bentley University
The Investments and Derivatives program with the IvyLine Capital Group was an incredible opportunity. I have undoubtedly grown my financial skills to apply to my future career thanks to the valuable experience this program has provided me. 

Luke St. Amand - LIU
"I had the pleasure of participating in Ivyline Capital's mentorship program with Isaac and am incredibly thankful for everything he’s taught me. Throughout the nine months I was enrolled in Isaac’s program, I gained some of the most valuable experience thus far in my studies. Isaac is an incredibly generous, intelligent and hardworking man that genuinely cares for his students. His ability to convey complex topics allowed me to establish a comprehensive understanding of the process of building a portfolio and managing the positions. Isaac is always full of fresh perspectives and willing to help his students above and beyond expectations. He understands the importance of specific topics and knows how to omit the noise. The mentorship program he’s developed is extremely beneficial to anyone interested in portfolio management or financial analysis.

Austin Howery - University of Nevada
IvyLine program has been great in helping to think more creatively. Having a tech background, the program gave me a different perspective when it comes to problem solving. I’m glad to have made this decision.

Thuc Duong - Temple University
"To be honest, IvyLine Capital's Investment and Derivative Program was a complete game changer for me. I have been interested in both trading and investing for a while now but struggled to find someone who I could learn from and trust. This program not only helped me with that it taught me a lot more as well. Through connecting with other students and bouncing ideas off of them to reaching out to Isaac and Brandon for mentoring and help. This program also has guest speakers which to me was a great experience because you got to also hear other peoples experiences and learn from them as well. The video classes were also another big help for me because you have the ability to watch them over and over again till you can fully understand the content. Overall, I have had a great experience with this Program and I can't say enough about how helpful the team has been in assisting me."

Alex Romejko - UConn
"IvyLine Capital Group’s Investment and Derivative Program is much more than just another class. It is a cohort of diverse members across many different cultural and educational backgrounds. Who have all come together for one common goal, to bridge the gap between investment theory and experience. Allowing for individual and cooperative growth through a self-paced course, investment challenges, lectures, and networking with the 600+ current and previous members. The program has helped me enter into the career I only dreamt about before graduating. With the growth in members, expansion of the education offered, and the large list of future lectures, this program is the perfect opportunity for the young finance professional."

Daniel Ward - Penn State University Grad
“Joining the IvyLine Investment and Derivative program was the best decision I have made so far on my path to become a finance professional. The program has provided me with all the necessary knowledge that a professional needs to have in order to achieve a high performance in the different roles within the financial industry, from trader to portfolio manager. Besides the core material provided in the program, it has also provided hands-on experiences where it allowed me to develop the practical skills required when working on the real world. In addition to that, I have had the support of an amazing and experienced professional assisting me throughout the entire program, not to mention the incredible people I have met along the way. Huge thanks to Isaac for putting this program together and helping many students to achieve their goals of becoming outstanding professionals!”

Isac Barbosa - Seton Hall
"The Investment & Derivative Program exceeded expectations. The program delivers actionable knowledge on how real market practitioners can trade these products, challenging you to "learn by doing," both in the classes and through the frequent options trading competitions amongst program members. In addition to the content, the program gives you exclusive access to one of the most valuable networks of young finance professionals out there. Isaac, Keven, Brandon, and Ben and all others who run this program are incredibly passionate about helping you succeed, and it shows: this program was foundational to my educational success."

Tommy Evon - Western Colorado University
Q: Tell me about your experience in IvyLine Capital's Investment and Derivative Program. 

I️ absolutely love the program so far. The readings followed by the videos gives students opportunities to fill in learning gaps. Options especially are not a topic you see most students, let alone most professionals, learning on a regular basis; options are not an easy topic to understand but this program tied with the examples gives students practice on top of more practice that build the foundation for learning. The way Isaac goes over the topics in the videos helps build a sense of understanding and makes learning not only easy but fun. Isaac is inspiring and the entire program demonstrates his eagerness to help students succeed. Whether you are learning different strategies for personal portfolio management or going into the industry, this program is 100% equipped with the necessary tools to make anyone succeed. I️ have experience with tutoring - teaching students subjects they struggle with and who normally don’t understand material - and this program breaks down material so ambitious students can understand topics if they have the discipline. I️ have nothing but good things to say about this program. In regards to monetary value, this program is worth every penny and teaches students information in a compiled form that students cannot find anywhere else. On top of that, the challenges in the program give students who have never before traded hands-on experience. I️ am truly blessed not only for this opportunity but also for Isaac’s and Brandon’s personality to help students like myself succeed. Really, thank you for everything!

To reiterate, this program is amazing and I️ have gained tremendous value from it, thank you for everything! 

Benjamin Savoy - California Polytechnic State University
I'm amazed by how well this program walks through so many financial concepts in a practical way. Moreover, the mentors are incredibly generous with their time and are personally invested in my career growth. This program is truly worth partaking in for young professionals who are serious about becoming educated investors.

Gabe Castro - University of Maryland
I have enjoyed the opportunity to be in a group of people that share a special interest in options trading. So far, I haven’t had the time to fully immerse myself in the course load because I have been mostly focusing on my summer internship. Nonetheless, I have learned more about options from the study sessions I have attended, the networking opportunities in the group and my participation in the recent challenge with Amir. Going forward, I think that it would be more beneficial for other students and I to have each others’ opinions on the direction of the markets. I think that it would be great if we added one more quick session each week where we go over terms and current market trends with Isaac. Additionally, we can have a slack group for current students where we can share ideas outside Isaac's sessions. This slack group would help us address the trading challenges better because we can ask other students their investment ideas and our trading questions. 

Cynthia Ntare - Grad of Georgetown University
The Ivy Line Capital Investment and Derivative Program is truly a high level educational platform covering topics from security and financial statement analysis to advanced options and futures strategies. The masterclass not only teaches a wide variety of concepts, but allows you to put your skills to work through competitive investment challenges. The Ivy Line team does a tremendous job of building connections with all cohort members through weekly lectures and mentoring calls.
This program has greatly helped me expand my knowledge and insight which can be utilized in many different financial roles. There are also numerous amounts of networking opportunities to connect with current members and industry professionals nationwide. No matter what field of finance you are aspiring to enter, I highly recommend taking on the challenges and work load which the Investment and Derivative Program has to offer.

Doug Molnar - Grad of Wagner University 
The Investment and Derivatives Program is an awesome introduction to the roles of trader, analyst and portfolio manager. It starts off by teaching you how to build a portfolio and employ fundamental analysis to select your equities. The course also teaches the basics of technical analysis which can help you recognize opportunities and risks in the market. It finishes off by introducing options and dives deep into their usage to hedge risk and enhance portfolio returns. There is also a mentorship component where you can receive feedback and help. Lastly there are regular zoom conference lectures by guest speakers, along with competitions that can help put your advanced knowledge of option strategies to the test and potentially earn prize money. Overall, the program provides one with invaluable knowledge of derivatives and portfolio management as well as access to a community of other participants that is helpful for networking purposes.

Ross Dimchev - University of Richmond