Coaching Program

(Program is currently full)

The process begins with understanding the interests and strengths of each individual. From here, we meticulously prepare the individual in various areas such as portfolio management, hedging with derivatives, risk analysis, backtesting & forecasting, valuation methods and even sales. 
"As Professionals in the Finance space, we understand that mentors and coaches have helped shape us to the professionals we are today.  Remember that a mentorship is a relationship, and like any relationship, it takes time for it to develop and solidify"
(Virtual Based)
Outline of the Mentoring & Coaching Program...
  • 1) Understanding your interests and strengths
  • 2) Build out a mock portfolio
  • 3) Comprehend various valuation metrics when it comes to security selection
  • 4) Learn to hedge and trade around your core positions using Options and Futures
  • 5) Use Technical, Statistical, & Momentum indicators when evaluating your portfolio
  • 6) Backtesting, forecasting and performing Risk Management to evaluate the proper exposure of security, option strategy selection
  • 7) Discussing what career path is right for you
(The Investment & Derivative Program is currently open to submissions)
If you would like to know more details please submit contact information below and one of IvyLine Capital's Managers will respond back within 1-2 business days.  Thank you
You agree that this is intended for educational purposes only and not intended for any investment advice or recommendations about specific securities to purchase
We will NOT sell, lease, or lend your information out to 3rd Parties
Our program is intended to provide a strong conceptual understanding and visual of the roles of a Portfolio Manager, Analyst and or Broker and by no means meant to provide any type of investment advice as IvyLine Capital is not a broker/dealer under the SEC or member of FINRA.

Current and past students have come from the following academic institutions...